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August 08 2017


Different Ways in Which Restoration Companies Can Help

maxresdefault The word “restoration service” is often associated with the words “damage” or “destruction”. However, it is not necessary that you need a restoration service only during the incidents of fire, flood or major storms. A water or flood restoration company can help with many other instances and small situations which can stop the further damage. So what are the situations wherein you might have to get in touch with fire/water damage service providers? Let us take a look.

Moving into a new house

If you have moved into a new house which was previously occupied by a family, you might come across a musky smell which is difficult to get rid of. Sometimes, you also might find outdated carpets, electronic equipment and other objects which might be a matter of concern. During such times, you can get in touch with a water damage restoration company whose professionals can inspect the nooks and corners of your house for mold, water or weather damage. The professionals of these firms have all equipment necessary for cleaning the leftover objects and conditions which can create a potential damage to your house.

Mold Growth

Mold growth is something which definitely shouldn’t be ignored. It starts slowly but goes on to create a major damage to the house. This happens especially after some major weather events like blizzard, flood or hurricane. If you find moist surroundings or mold growth in your house, you should not think twice about getting in touch with a restoration contractor. They will inspect different areas of your house for potential mold growth and give the right treatment to prevent it from occurring it further.

Leaky pipes

Water dripping from pipes is a common sight in many homes. Now people often think that they can resolve such issues on their own. But even after going through an extensive repair, such problems reoccur. So it is better to call a licensed restoration company. Once the team comes and checks the source of leakage, they can tell you how it needs to be fixed. Thereafter, you can decide an appropriate course of action according to your budget and the intensity of the leakage.

Sewer damage cleanup

If there has been a rainstorm, your sewer can be severely damaged. During such times, damage restoration professionals can help you to get rid of the damaged items, sanitizing the area and helping you with the installation of new infrastructure so that there are no issues in the future. It isn’t necessary for big disasters to happen in order to seek such services. Whether the damage caused due to fire/water is small or big, it should definitely not be ignored. There are companies that provide 24/7 restoration services at cost-effective prices and can come of help during emergency situations. So conduct your research about these companies, find out the best damage restoration company in your area and strike a deal with the one that can take care of your requirements. Better be safe than sorry!

July 11 2017


What All Can You Do to Help Your Neighbors After a House Fire?

56228ec8582e3.image.jpg With announced emergencies and expected natural disasters, you can probably keep yourself prepared with evacuation plans and emergency kits. But when it comes to fire accidents, no one is prepared. If anyone in your neighborhood has experienced a fire, you must lend a helping hand in a genuine manner. Sometimes, we are also willing to help but we are reluctant and don’t know what exactly should be done. If you think that they are struggling too much, you should take advice them to get in touch with a reliable fire damage restoration services provider. But there are a few things that you can also do. We have come up with certain ways in which you can provide help to your neighbors.

1. Visit them often

You might not have been to your neighbor’s place before or they might have come across to you as unapproachable. However, you shouldn’t back out during the times of need. Don’t be hesitant to knock at their door and express your concerns over whatever happened. Keep checking in and try to know if they need your help with anything. Showing up during the times of need will make them feel that they have supportive people around them.

2. Don’t just say it, do it

People are often heard saying things like “Sorry to know about it. Let me know if I can help you in anyway.” But try not to stop at these formalities. Sometimes, the person may be reluctant to ask for help and may feel awkward to ask what they need. Encourage them to speak up and be more open and communicative. Run errands for them, offer to drop and pick up or make phone calls to fire restoration companies for them. It will prove to be a huge relief for them.

3. Offer financial support

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” they say. If you believe in being there for someone in need, don’t refrain from helping in every way. Even if your neighbors have insurance, it can take a while until it gets processed and approved. See if you can offer financial support or write a check for them so that it can take the financial pressure off their shoulders.

4. Donate furniture

Fire can cause irreparable damage and everything can burn to ashes. There might be a possibility that your neighbor’s beds and sofas have burned and they sleep on the floor. During such times, you can give away the extra furniture you have and render some help. Lamps, chairs, school supplies etc can also be given so that the bare necessities can be taken care of.

5. Provide with groceries

After fire damage, your neighbors can get really busy with restoration and cleaning. During such times, they cannot prioritize grocery shopping or having meals on time. Ask them if you can do grocery shopping for them or invite them over for dinner. It will also help them get over their exhaustion. Carry out the above mentioned steps with no sense of obliging and you will definitely bring a smile on the face of your neighbors. We hope you do the needful. Keep safe!

June 12 2017

images (1) When there is a fire in the house, it is often assumed that it started from the kitchen. However there are many other places and resources that can be responsible for causing fire. Through this article, we will acquaint you with these unknown stimuli and rarely known fire hazards. Here’s a brief about each one of them.

1. Laptops

There are times when you work for hours together on your laptop. And sometimes, you leave it switched on and get busy with other things. It is possible that heat from the laptop gets underneath the materials it has been put upon (Bed, pillow or couch) and starts a fire. To prevent this from happening, you should ideally mount your laptop on a stand or put a fan table below it. Also, when you are not around, switch it off or put it on a non-flammable material.

2. Dishwasher

A fire causing from dishwasher is quite a rarity. But it isn’t impossible either. If your dishwasher is faulty, water can drip into the internal wires of a machine. Make sure you maintain your dishwasher and get it serviced at regular intervals so there are no water leaks or fire hazards because of it.

3. Glassware

It may sound to you like a myth, but fish bowls, glass door knobs and jam jars have also been responsible for reflecting sun rays enough to cause a fire. So it’s not just a magnifying glass that can start a fire. When light is refracted by a glass on objects like curtains, paper or any other flammable item, fire can start over the time. Make sure you keep the glassware away from the areas where they are likely to cause a fire.

4. Dust

Dust particles under beds and furniture can be a cause of fire if they come in contact with electrical sockets, electronics and heating appliances. Such situations can occur if sparks fly towards the dust particles and spread the fire gradually. To eliminate this possibility, make sure that you vacuum under the bed and couch regularly.

5. Batteries

Inappropriate disposal of 9-volt batteries in the garage and basements has often been responsible for causing huge fire accidents. If these batteries come in contact with any kind of metal and the metal touches other flammable object like paper or dust particles, fire can start in no time. So make sure you keep these batteries away from metal objects. Information about safely disposing them can be easily found on the internet. Although these are little known factors responsible behind a home fire, you must know about them to be able to prevent such situations from happening. However, if there is a fire and you are not able to put it off, you must get in touch with your nearest fire station. After the fire has been put off, you can avail of professional fire damage restoration services which will help you recover important objects and make sure that minimal damage is caused.

May 08 2017


DIY Steps to Keep Water Out of Your Basement

Be it a small crack or a huge one, water always finds its way. And there are several reasons as to why water enters your basement. Flash floods, drainage problems, and appliance failures are some of them. When water accumulates in the basement, it becomes a ground for mold and termites to grow. If you want to avoid this from happening, you can get in touch with one of the water damage restoration companies. You can also indulge into some DIY steps for preventing water getting into your basement. Here’s what you can do to keep the water out.

Seal those gaps

As mentioned above, water has a tendency to leak through cracks. If there are gaps around plumbing pipes or concrete walls, water can enter into a basement. Make use of polyurethane caulk or hydraulic cement to seal those gaps. Check if the water still enters after sealing. If it still does, you might have to resolve the groundwater problem as mere sealing won’t work.

Keep downspouts away

The downspouts that help you to get rid of excess water should be kept five feet away from the house. You can do so by adding metal or plastic extensions to the downspouts. You can also install an underground drain pipe so that the gutter runoff remains far from your house.

Waterproof the basement walls

Moisture and condensation often form on the basement walls. Apply sealant on the walls to avoid this from happening. Apart from this, you can also waterproof the basement walls with silicate based concrete sealers, concrete coatings, plastic sheets or waterproofing paint. Also consider waterproofing the outside walls of the basements so that you can fill the gaps in the foundation if there are any. This process might prove too expensive as you will need to excavate around the house.

Invest in a sump pump

When you install a sump pump, it will protect your basement during floods by pumping the water out.  If the level of water in the basement goes up, the sump pump is smart enough to discharge the water outside the house. But before installing one of these for your house, conduct research on how to find the right sump pump and use it.

Get the rain gutters cleaned

When the gutters are blocked, it results into the water pouring in your home’s foundation creating the risk of basement flooding. Hence, make sure that you get rid of leaves or branches, debris etc and check if there are any loose particles from the asphalt roofing in the gutters. If there are any loose gutter straps, you must tighten them. In case of any gunk in downspouts, you can get rid of them by pouring a lot of water with the help of garden hose.

If your basement is already flooded, you must get in touch with the water restoration service provider so that you do not have to deal directly with floodwater. If not, you can take the steps mentioned above and protect your basement.

April 20 2017


Flood Restoration Services: Misconceptions You Must Get Rid of!

Floods are more likely to occur due to nature’s fury. But they can also occur due to manmade errors like leaving the faucet open for several hours together. The aftermath caused by floods is quite difficult to cope with. But thanks to the water restoration damage companies, your house can get back to looking like before. When it comes to flood damage restoration services, all of us have some misconceptions. Let us clarify some of them.

Restoration process will take a lot of days

This is one of the biggest myths. People think it will take days together to get their house look like before. Although this totally depends on the intensity of the damage, the sooner you call the water damage restoration company, the better. The professionals of these firms use the latest equipment and water mitigation techniques to get your house looking back like before in no time. They also place drying equipment, dehumidifiers, air movers etc in a way that your house gets dried out faster.

Mold won’t grow in the areas that are less waterlogged

It is not true. Even if the areas in your basement and rooms have had a little amount of water, mold can grow within 48 hours. Mold is more likely to grow during summers but it can grow even in the coldest of places if moisture and water are not dried up. Some people think that they can get rid of mold using bleach. But that isn’t the right way as it is likely to grow back. Flood restoration professionals have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that deep cleans areas from within and leaves them spic and span.

Walls will have to be reconstructed

The reconstruction of walls depends on the amount of damage that has been caused by water. So this can prove to be both a misconception and truth. Water restoration companies have drying technologies that can dry out even the tightest of spaces. In that case, walls wouldn’t need to be reconstructed. Once the moisture readings are taken, it will give more idea about the intensity of water damage. If the damage caused is irreplaceable, you might have to go for reconstruction of walls.

Electronic equipments cannot be saved

There is a preconceived notion that if water gets inside electronics, they stop working forever. You might feel that you will never be able to revive the equipment back. Much to your surprise, you can. Refrain from plugging in before getting them treated and dried up by the professionals. The content restoration teams that work at these companies have an apt knowhow of saving electronics. Data recovery is also possible in some cases.

It is quite likely that we form misconceptions out of what we hear from people. However, it is advisable to know about these things from someone who has apt amount of knowledge about damage restoration. So stay away from myths and get in touch with the most trustworthy flood restoration firms in your area now!

March 16 2017


Fire Damage: Things to Do Before Professionals Reach

Fire damage-2

Being stuck in fire can be one of the most horrifying experiences one can ever go through. And no matter how many fire drills you have undergone, there is a possibility that when it actually happens, you might go completely numb as to what to do next! This is because you are in a state of shock and can’t believe that a fire has broken out in your house.

During such times, instead of panicking, you should try to be calm and think through things clearly about the immediate next steps. It is quite obvious that you will immediately call 911 or the fire department. But by the time professional help arrives, things can get life threatening. So here’s what you should do.

Let everyone know

When you are stuck in your house, the only way to ask for help is to shout and alert the neighbours. This way, they might contact the fire authorities before you do and render help any which way that they can. It is always recommended that you have a fire escape route figured out. By doing so, you will be able to get out of the house faster without any hassle.

Don’t be a fire expert

The last thing you want to do when a fire breaks out is to check the ‘when’ ‘where’ and ‘how’ of the fire. There have been instances of people losing their lives because they tried to investigate the fire resource and what caused it. These things can be taken care of during the later stages. So just focus on getting out of the house and planning your escape.

Keep away from smoke

The smoke emitted during fire can prove to be toxic and can suffocate you. Make sure you crawl on the floor as the air is purer near floors. By lying down, you will be able to save your face and upper body from the flames that burst upwards. Once you succeed in reaching the door, put your hand on it and check whether the fire hasn’t spread on the other side. If not, your way is clear. When you go on the other side of the door, you must close it so that the fire doesn’t get any oxygen to spread further.

Control the flames

While escaping, choose to roll on the floor as it will prevent the flames from spreading further. Don’t panic and run around as it can be dangerous for you and spread the fire even further. If you have huge blankets or heavy clothes, try to cover the flames with them as they will cease the supply of oxygen.

Planning an escape through window

This kind of escape is not usually recommended. Jumping out of windows has led to serious injuries and accidents. However, if the fire has spread severely and you don’t have a choice, throw pillows and beddings on the ground from the window before you jump. Families with children should ensure that they lower the children as much as possible before they jump.

Once you are out, call the fire department and provide them with your address and details about the intensity of the fire. This information has to be given for the professionals to know where to reach you and what equipment to carry.

As soon as the fire dies down, get in touch with your nearest fire damage restoration service providers . This is because the water used to cease the fire can cause structural damage and lead to mold growth. Ashes from smoke get imbibed in your furniture, carpets, drywall, etc. The earlier you call a restoration service, the lesser the chance of your property ruining further. It is important to know that an emergency situation like this has to be dealt professionally. Keep safe!

March 07 2017


Crucial Steps to Take Before and After Hurricane Strikes

“Hurricane season brings a humbling reminder that, despite our technologies, most of nature remains unpredictable” quotes Diane Ackerman, one of the best American poets and naturalists. We all are aware that nature is quite volatile and predictions are just predictions. Hence, one must have plans to save oneself from the wrath of nature. If you are not prepared when hurricane strikes, it can lead to irreplaceable loss of life.


Hurricane can cause severe damage to the property depending upon its intensity. It also comes along with a lot of floods and rains. The houses affected by hurricane often require help from water damage restoration professionals after its effect dies down. But before it strikes, you can take certain steps to prevent your property and surroundings. Take a look at some of them.

Secure your property

Storm shutters are a good investment for hurricane prone areas. They also protect your windows from breaking. Don’t waste your time sticking tapes around windows as they won’t be enough to protect them from breaking. You can board up your windows with 5/8” marine plywood which can be made by you or bought from outside.

Prevent the roof structure

Roof inspection and prevention might take a few hours of your time. If you are petrified of heights, make sure you hire a professional. Once you are up on your roof, search for damaged or curled roof tiles. Inspect the edges of the roof because that’s where the winds enter from and lead the other roof shingles to loosen. You can also set up robust straps around your roof structure to counterbalance the hurricane effect.

Plan an evacuation

People who reside along sea coasts are used to evacuation due to hurricanes every year. So they are well-aware of the steps to take during evacuation. If you are not used to evacuations, keep the track of all the information provided by the government authorities through media. You can also inquire with the local authorities about evacuation maps and routes.

Keep disaster supply kits handy

Start preparing your disaster supply kit. It must contain the following items:
  1. Flashlights with extra bulbs
  2. Batteries
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Rain Gear
  5. A pair of scissors
  6. Blankets
  7. Car Openers
  8. Gloves
  9. Bottled Water
  10. Canned food and
  11. Bottled juice
Arrange for transportation

A couple of days before hurricane strikes, you should check the gas levels in your car and keep its tank filled with gas. This is because the gas stations mostly remain closed during emergencies. Speak to your neighbours and friends to make transportation arrangements if you do not have a car. During extreme floods, owning a boat and securing it near your house can also help.

Before you leave

At the time of leaving, make sure you are carrying your necessities and emergency kits. Wear hurricane protective attire which includes long-sleeve shirt, cap and long pants. Check if all the electrical equipment like radio, tv, microwave, fridge etc are unplugged. Stay with your family and let the people around you know about where you are going. If you are scared to venture out, stay in a lower level room which is safe to reside in.

People residing in the area close to where hurricane has stricken might suffer due to the damage caused by flooding. During such times, they can approach hurricane damage repair professionals. The above steps will ensure your safety when the hurricane hits. Keep safe!

February 18 2017


Tips For Filing Insurance Claim After a House Fire


Losing your home or belongings to a fire is upsetting and distressing to levels unfathomable. But still, you need to move on with life and get settled with things as early as possible. Filing an Insurance claim is one of the first thing you need to do after a house fire. You may also work with a professional fire damage restoration service provider who will not only help you in restoration and cleanup but will also help you with filing your insurance claim.

It is a well known fact that insurance companies would follow their terms and conditions meticulously just to find a loophole in your claim so that they don’t have to pay up. To avoid such situation, you need to be completely well versed with the insurance claim procedure and all the terms and conditions of your policy well in advance so that when the need actually arises (unfortunately) you are well prepared and don’t do anything that may jeopardise your claim approval chances.

Here are some tips which will come handy to you, when required.

File for an advance against your final insurance claim

If you have to abandon your home under unavoidable circumstances, you can file for an advance from your insurance company to buy essentials you might not have been able to pack up while evacuating. Keep a check on your expenses and make sure you only spend on necessities.

File your claim at the earliest

File your claim as early as possible, it gets easier on both ends then. Keep a track of your communications with the insurance company and keep a copy of all required documents. Include all important required to file your claim to quicken the process.

Mitigate further damage

The insurance company expects you to take good care of your belongings or they can just deny compensation on the grounds of carelessness. Mitigate the damage to the best way possible and protect your belongings from further damage to ensure them that you aren’t at fault.

Make a list and don’t throw away thing just yet

Start making a list of things you’ve lost in the fire. You will require every home member’s output and this and can miss out on something, so its better you keep it prepared beforehand. Also, don’t throw away the damaged goods, the insurance agent might deny to compensate if you just throw them away.

Don’t close it immediately

Last but one of the most important points to take care of. Your insurance company will try to close your case as soon as possible. Don’t fall into the trap. House fire is a big thing and amidst the chaos you might just forget mentioning or claiming for some important thing damaged in the fire. So, do not close your claim just yet. To make sure, read and sign every document by the company very carefully. They aren’t going to be very open about it.

February 14 2017


5 Ways Water Can Damage Your House


Water is considered as a magical resource which is necessary for the survival of everything around. But sometimes, it can be destructive to a great extent. Under unfavourable circumstances, it can even damage the foundation of your house. So it becomes necessary to keep a check and make necessary amendments on time to stop further damage that can permanently affect your home. In this blog, we have discussed the 5 most common ways water can damage your house. Make sure your home is safe from all of these. And if in spite of all your precautions your house does get managed by flooding or other ways of water looging, get in touch with water damage restoration professionals in your area.

Water leakage

Water leakage is one the most common causes of damage to our houses. It usually occurs in the form of leakage from defective joint fittings in water pipe lines, sanitary fitments or drainage pipes. Imagine a good house that has a concealed pipeline, water will seep through the walls, making it damp, cold and prone to fungal growth on the walls or susceptible places. It is very difficult to trace the leakage and repair work but you need to be alert as these can cause harm to you through your immediate environment.


Uncontrolled rains can cause the maximum damage to your homes. There are different outlets through which rain water might seep in into the house including your basement walls, doors and windows, roof leaks, and others. If you live in a place which often witnesses abundance of rains, make sure your windows (when closed) do not allow water to seep in, do not keep valuables and electronic equipments in the basement, and follow other preventive measures to be safe. If for some reason your house is affected, immediately call expert services to restore your house and normal life.

Soil quality and saturation

Soil quality on which the house is built determines the stability of the house. A porous soil with granite and sand does not retain water. So when a good compaction is done a solid foundation is laid. If your house is built on clayey soil, water saturation can cause major damages to your house through displacement and distortion of wet soil especially in the rainy season.

Washing Machines & Dishwashers

Carelessness with electrical instruments may become huge risk factors especially when they have something to do with water. Malfunctioning machines or electrical gadgets like geysers becoming wet due to leakages may lead to short circuits and house fires that have the potential to cause disastrous damage to your homes. You should also keep a check on where the water is going from your dishwashers and washing machines. Proper handling of water related electrical devices is mandatory to ensure safety of your home and family members.

Clogged toilets

Choked toilets and sanitary outlets can be a reason why your walls are getting soggy and prone to fungus. Overflowing of toilets either inside or outside the house is detrimental to your overall health and hygiene. House interiors may suffer permanent damage due to wet surface and at the same time make it difficult to survive there because of the stinking and detrimental hygiene conditions for a long time. If you notice any such indications at your home contact experts and get the renovations done before it gets worse.
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